TA20 USB Wall Charger 15W Phone Adapter For Samsung S7

KBK plug USB wall charger 15W phone adapter can charge your mobile phone in a short time, is the necessary thing you must-have during the journey. Bontong Power provides quality usb wall adapters at wholesale price worldwide, promises quality of every fast charging adapter to our customers, makes a lot of testings before shipment. We want everyone can give us good feedback, if you feel not good, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be responsible to the end.



Product Name: USB Wall Charger TA20
Option Model: QC15W For Samsung S6/S8/S10
Width: 3.68cm*2.33cm*7.6cm
Output Voltage: 110-240V
Input Voltage: 5V2A 9V 1.67A
Certificate: CE UL
Housing Material: PC
Body Color: Black/White
Plug Model: KBK Plug
Protection: over-current,over-voltage,short-circuit,high-heating,ageing test,24hours spray salt test
Warranty: Charger with 1-year warranty

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