Wholesale USB Fast Car Charger QC15W For Samsung S6

NO 915 USB Fast Car Charger QC15W For Samsung S6 is a quick USB car charger, manufactured from Botong Power, with factory price, 1-year warranty, and strict quality control. If you want a customized service, OEM & ODM are both available, we can customized the logo, package, and design, you are welcome to contact us for more details.
A fast vehicle charger connects the mobile phone and car, make your driving more convenient, no need to worry about the power of your phone, it suits for iPhone, Huawei phone, etc.
The fast is powered by a car battery and then supply the power to the mobile phone, MP3 or MP4 such portable, handheld device.

Botong Power retail wholesale kinds of charger for mobile devices, our produces covers usb fast car charger, USB wall charger, phone charger, and travel adapter, pd20w charger, QC30W charger, QC15W charger.



Product Name: Car charger 915
Option Model: QC15W For Samsung S6
Input      Voltage: 12V/24V
Output   Voltage: 5V2A 9V1.67A
Certificate: CE UL
Housing Material: PC
Body Color: Black/White
Plug Model: Single Plug
Protection: over-current,over-voltage,short-circuit,high-heating,ageing test,24hours spray salt test
Warranty: Charger with 1year warranty


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