How to Clean Phone Charger Port

How to Clean Phone Charger Port

If you own a mobile phone, it is likely that you will at some point require the skill of how to clean phone charger port contacts. You may not even realize that there is a port for a cell phone in the first place! This particular charger outlet connects to the base of a telephone, and it can be plugged into the wall in order to recharge a battery. While there are models of phones that come with a built in port, most newer phones will not have this port. It’s important to have this device if you do want to have power or cell phone battery back up on your personal computer or MP3 player.

If you need to know how to clean phone charger port contacts, the first step to take is to disconnect the power from your phone or portable electronic device. Once the connection is disconnected, you need to look for a piece of metal or plastic. This is usually a two way plug which should be attached to a wall socket. The two way plug needs to be pushed down slightly in order to release the phone’s power, and then you need to turn the port counterclockwise in order to remove the plugged in wire. Now it’s time to pull out the wire.

The next thing you’ll need to clean is the end of the port where the wire is attached. To clean this area, you will need a small pair of pliers. Using a pair of pliers, you’ll need to pry out the wire using a toothpick. The toothpick can be inserted into the hole and turned to push the wire down and out of the port. When you look into the hole, you may see that a small piece of plastic has been embedded in the plug which will also need to be removed.

Once the plug has been removed, you’ll notice that there are two wires inside of the charger. You’ll need to use the reverse screwdriver to remove these wires from their slots on the back of the phone. Once they are removed you will notice that they are color coded red and black. If you know which wire goes to what destination on the battery, you may want to make sure you do not throw these away as they have adhesive residue which could damage your phone.

Now that the two cables are removed you can clean the inside of the charger port. Start by removing any dust or debris which may have stuck to the sides of the plug. You will probably notice that the phone has been cleaned through the battery as well. Once you have taken all the dust off of the phone you will be able to insert the battery into the port and power it up. Make sure the phone’s screen is visible and touch it to confirm that you have power. At this point you should disconnect the phone cord from the wall outlet and plug the charger back in.

That was how to clean phone charger ports. If you follow these simple steps you should have no problems. If you encounter more complicated problems it is a good idea to speak to someone at your local computer repair store or phone store for more detailed information.


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