The Super fast dual ports car charger PDMax45w and QC15W

The Super fast dual ports car charger PDMax45w and QC15W


In 2022 ,Samsung Adaptive Fast Dual Car Charger is made with high quality materials and to the highest standards,which is EP-L5300,PD Max 45w+QC 15w. This charger is ideal and features two USB ports for multiple charging options.

Having a USB-A port and a USB-C PD Port means that this car charger is compatible with PD standards up to 45W as well as Quick Charge and Samsung Adaptive Fast Charge up to 15W。

The L5300 Car Charger converts a standard 12V vehicle accessory socket into a powerful 45W USB-C port and a 15W USB-A port so you can charge two devices at once.


Experience super fast charge speeds using the built-in technology of your latest Samsung Galaxy with this Official Samsung Super Fast Car Charger you can charge two devices in no time at all as it has USB-A and USB-C Ports.


This Official Samsung Car Charger is compact making it portable and ideal for use on small or long trips in the car.


Using ChargerLAB Power-Z KT002 test the USB-C Port output protocol ,Showing that it support Samsung 5V2A、DCP agreement.












USB-C port has four group fixed voltage gears :5V3A、9V3A、15V3A、20V2.25A ,and has three group PPS voltage gears:3.3-11V5A、3.3-16V3A、3.3-21V2.25A













this USB-C Port of L5300 car charger is charging for Samsung S20 Ultra, the real data of charging watt is 9.44V 3.77A 35.6W.













And then get the watt data as 9.28V 2.53A 23.46W  when it is charging for iPhone 12 Pro Max.












Decompose internal structure as below:
















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