What Is the USB Wall Charger? A Complete Overview

What Is the USB Wall Charger? A Complete Overview

USB wall adapters are widely used to charge many electronic devices such as mobile phones, portable media players and external drives through the USB port. The popularity of these products has been growing exponentially over the past few years as more people embrace the use of electronic gadgets. The high cost of electricity and the scarcity of cheap sources of electricity are making it difficult for people to afford a modern lifestyle. The USB port has become an important part of people’s lives since it enables them to enjoy a wide range of electronic items at a low cost and provides easy expansion when it is needed. Increasing the usage of these electronic gadgets is the primary driver behind the rise of the USB wall adapter market. More accessories have been manufactured to add to the utility of the portable wall plugs.

China has been the principal force behind the surge in the demand for this type of USB plug. The low cost of labor in the Chinese manufacturing industry has encouraged local manufactures to produce these electronic accessories at a much lower price. In turn, they have encouraged consumers from all around the world to buy USB power adapters to keep their portable devices fully powered whenever they need to use them. The low cost of labor encourages an increase in the demand for this type of plug which translates to a competitive market share for companies manufacturing these products in China.

European companies have also adopted the Chinese manufacturing strategy to promote the popularity of their products in the emerging markets of China. A high-quality charger is essential for maintaining the functionality of any USB peripheral device. European companies have adopted a similar strategy to promote their USB wall plugs to the china market as they too wish to attract consumers from this emerging region to buy into their brand name.

Since the introduction of cheap and cost effective technologies into the global market, competition between various companies has become stiff. This has resulted in the emergence of different brands in the market place. However, the biggest challenge that faces the global market is the lack of standards among different peripheral devices manufactured by different companies. As a result, the compatibility issue between certain USB wall chargers is a major factor responsible for the differences in their prices. Some companies aim to meet a universal standard while some others prefer to design their products with a unique match to each individual device. It has been seen that the consistent and strict implementation of a standard on the USB power outlet can bring about a unified product which can meet the expectations of users.

While there is no clear cut definition on what is the USB wall charger market size, the USB wall outlet is widely accepted across the globe. It is preferred by both the manufacturers and users because of its universal compatibility which enables it to be used with almost all electronic devices whether they are computers, laptops, mobile phones, DVD players and other household electrical gadgets. On the contrary, the universal plug offers compatibility with almost all types of portable electronic appliances like digital cameras, cell phones, handheld game consoles, digital watches and many more. This has also resulted in the evolution of universal devices as they can be used with any type of portable electronic appliances.

When we analyze what is the USB wall outlet size, we find that it is produced as a small plug which offers a standard plugging capacity of one and a half amps of charging. The USB wall chargers are available in different formats and dimensions. The most popular formats include: mini, standard, premium, triple and industrial. These chargers consume less energy as they are smaller in size and lighter in weight. Based on this information, the present study concludes that the present charging market size can be classified into three different categories.


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