Why Apple launch PD20w super charger for iPhone

Why Apple launch PD20w super charger for iPhone

Apple had been already owned 5 phone chargers like: 18W、30W、61W、87W、96W ,it seems that those products fulfill the requirement of all apple product completely .But why Apple still launch a new product with PD 20W super charger? I think there might be have some reasons about it .

1iPhone 12 support the charge pumping

Apple PD20W super charger data shows that the model name is A2305,output support 5V/3A和9V/2.22A two voltages ,and biggest output is 20w. The 9V/2.22A gear prepare for the charge pumping.

2Wireless charge power is updating and suitable for different equipment at the same time

From iPhone 8 to iPhone 12,Apple launch ten iPhone models with supporting wireless charge function. The average of wireless power keep 7.5W and improve than the traditional 5w version, but it still hard to catch up the 15w /27w/30w wireless charger from other phone brand model.

3Fast charging for iPhone 11iPad or other equipment

From 2017 to Today,ten models of iPhone support USB PD super charging, the peak value of some models charging power get to 20W power.But only two models of iPhone are come with 18w power charger as phone standard configuration ,other models come with 5W charger, so the requirement of high power charger market is very huge.

4.iPhone 11 Pro the peak value charging power is 23W

Except the volume of phone demand, other Apple product line also have big demand on USB PD super charger, like newest iPad is carry with usb pd fast charging function,  the charging power is above 20w.Some iPhone models were with 10w charger and the real demand can’t supply enough.

5 Apple support  the market of 20w super charger


It doesn’t doubt that apple launch 20w super charger effect the market so big, especially like the 18w super charger, the demand of 18w super charger on market is major from iPhone users. There only two models of phone were matched with 18w super charger in ten models of third generation ,other eight model users need to buy the charger additionally. So you can think about how is big of the super charger market. And the accessories manufacturer is facing the update problem when 20w super charger is appearing.

The 20w super charger is a new product market with chance and challenge.It is possible to meet the 20w super charger get a a quick rising time.

So Botong power as a the accessories manufacture and major on phone charger,the technology of PD20w is very mature by the highly automatic product system.    




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